My Childhood Memory

November 26, 2009

When it comes to my childhood memory, it reminds me of a period of tough life.

When I was little, my parents were so busy at their work that they always set out early and returned late about 7or 8o’clock, so in my memory I always saw two pitch-dark faces every night.

They sent me to from a place to another every morning. I remembered that I had been sent to so many different places that I can’t count because of their business.  They were very busy even on holidays specially my father, and they always asked my baby sitter take me to park or somewhere like that. So, my childhood memory is full of my baby sitter instead of my parents. It sounds deplorable, doesn’t it?

The most impressive thing in my life happened in my childhood as well.

Someday my parents were free and they wanted to take me out (Maybe due to guilty I thought), so they asked me where I wanted to go to, and I said “abroad” as my answer. I was thinking they will convince me to go other places soon, surpassing my anticipation they didn’t refuse me. After their few-days discussion, they brought me to tourist agency and buy tickets and we went abroad just like that. And I had a great time in Singapore. How amazing it is!!!

 You can say my childhood is boring or ordinary, but it is the most special for me.


Three best things about me

November 26, 2009

When reflecting on my personalities, I found some qualities in me. That might be good or bad, but they are always the useful. Since my weakness is outnumber my strength, so this time I just want to share my advantage.

Being curious is one of my best qualities. You might feel strange why I say so. Because of my curiosity, I like adventures and like to try anything I haven’t experience before. Whatever new comes to me, I will do my best to understand it and experience it.

Secondly I think I am an easy –going person. I always listen to what they said, but I am not a person without my own idea. If I think someone’s idea is really terrible, I won’t argue with him/her. Rather I would ask them to listen to what I am thinking about. I won’t ask others to obey what I say or what I think, As long as others’ opinion is reliable I will listen to his.  

Compassion is also my strength I think. When I see the elders or the physically-challanged, my first idea is that they are lonely and poor, so I always give seat to them. There is a old woman always picking garbage to sell for life nearby our home. Every time I see her I wouid ask my mom give her some money , and hope she can eat full or keep warm. Why do I do that? I have seen lots of movies about old people. The endings of the movies are always sad, so I want to do my all best to help the elderly who need help.

All above is my advantage. I hope I can find more.

How my parents met??

September 17, 2009

How my parents met??

My parents met at Hawaii. my dad went there to have a meeting,my mom was, too.But, they were walking on diffrent companies. They first meet was because their work. And ,my dad first saw my mom was in the meeting, and thinks she was pretty, so my and asked my mom out for dinner, and my mom said “Yes”. And they kept going on date from then. That time my dad was about 22 years old,and my mom was 20 years old.

New Semester

September 13, 2009

After a summer vacation, I think we all have become more mature, and i think we all have to be more responsible, too. We have to manage ourselves  well in order to be prepared for the future.I have a wish for this new semester. I hope i can do my best on everything , that’s all. I want to be responsible to myself, or i would spend my time in vain just like last semester.This new semester is also a  new opening , and new opening always brings new wishes and new promises. As we have new wishes and promises, what we only need to do is achieve them. Isn’t it easy??  “Just Do It”


June 15, 2009

Hi!!! Everybody!!
My name is Kevin Yen; I come from a great family .Although we are not as Rich as Bill Gates, we still live with joy and happiness. My dad often went to China for work, so I did not have much time staying with him. Now he comes back for us, I am so happy with that. In my junior high, I had a very bad temper because of lots of exams and bad relationship with some classmates, so I often got mad to my family.But,although I often treated them like that ,they still always forgave me. I feel very sorry and touched now; I promise  I will treasure them forever. I know I am a rude person, and I often say bad language’s always make same mistakes again and again. I am also lazy person, and I want everything easily. I know these habits are not good,and all of these are really my personal specialties, but the most important is that I would love to paying my attention on learning how to be a better man sincerely. I like to do almost every sports, for example; table tennis, biking, and swimming. I also like listening music, it can help me relax and make me feel free. Reading is  one of my hobbies, too.The thing I hate most is anyone pushes me to do something, because this is my life, I want be my own master.In my family, I am a son, and I also a brother. I like my family very much, though I mean nothing to them now, I will make them be proud of me in the future. Now I play a son to my parents; a grandson to my grandparents, a brother to my brother , a student to my teacher and also a bad kid to anyone who knows me, but in the future I hope I can play a father to my children, a grandfather to my grandchild’s , a teacher to someone and also a good person to anyone who knows me. As I know the thing won’t change forever is that I am always my parents’ son and that is what I won’t regert forever,either. I hope I can be a musician in my future. I hope I could bring joys and fun to my listeners. And I also hope I can use my music to cheer someone who is sorrowful or heart-brokered up. My dream is I will use my music to make this world more vivid and warmer.


June 15, 2009




 just a window




June 15, 2009


This image is based from some of my most unforgettable memories.

Left to right

                       the most gripping movie I had ever seen

                       the most impressive scene in my junior high

                       the most sexy woman I think


June 15, 2009

Family Tree_Kevin Yen

My biopoem

April 6, 2009

Name:  Kevin     No:  10128            Date:  3.25.09

thin, healthy, black-eyed, short-haired

changable, forgetful, abstracted, special

student of LSSH

Lover of  TV games

who feels curios all the time
who like traveling

who fears doing physical homework

who gives helps to classmates

who wants to work in America in the future

And whose greatest dream is being a musician someday


Hello world!

February 8, 2009

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